The Bern Bike Revolution in full effect

The Bern Bike Revolution (BBR) has kicked off the summer season with new product, new locations and new partners to embrace the growing urban bike movement. The BBR program targets urban centers that have embraced the bike revolution through new bike share programs, adding bike lanes and partnering with bike organizations to promote education and advocacy.

Bern has enjoyed being a part of the urban bike movement with many of its all-season helmets, including the Brentwood and Berkeley. But last season, Bern launched the Allston, a cycling-specific helmet developed alongside the world’s best cycle messengers and cyclecross racers. The Allston offers a highly vented urban helmet that has been seen on athletes in L.A.-based crit races, college students, messengers and bike share members throughout the country.

Bern’s Allston in Satin White

The Allston riding in style with Mike Powers riding L.A.’s Wolfpack Hustle Event earlier this month.

To compliment this new product offering and continue our commitment to the urban bike market, Bern has hired bike shop mechanics, bike messengers and bike aficionados as BBR reps in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., Portland, Seattle and San Francisco. These reps support local city-based shops while also developing a local following through event sponsorships, non-profit partnerships and alignments with various couriers, pedi-cabs and other professional, bike-oriented businesses. BBR reps offer an unmatched level of service and commitment to the independent bike retailers in these key cities.

BBR-Boston Rep Kurt Belhumeur and Bern Founder/CEO Dennis Leedom with the crew from Ace Wheel Works in Somerville, Mass.

BBR-Boston Rep Kurt Belhumeur and Bern Founder/CEO Dennis Leedom with the crew from Ace Wheel Works in Somerville, Mass.

The growth of the urban bike movement and Bern’s leadership in this marketplace have caught the attention of other brands and allowed us to extend the BBR family with the addition of Biria Bikes and Krypotonite locks. We are excited to work with each of these iconic brands in select cities and further our commitment to the bike market, the independent bike retailers and each city’s bike community. Keep your eyes out for more information about the BBR, events and our partners in the coming weeks. And come join the revolution with Bern, Biria and Kryptonite!

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