Success at Clash at Clairemont 8 — In the words of Andy Mac

clash at claremont

Hello all,

I’m proud to report that Clash at Clairemont 8 once again was a smashing success. Bands rocked, skaters and BMXers ripped, families had a blast and collected free stuff, and we raised more money for Grind for Life than we ever have. The highlight of the day was doing the “Skate Like Mike” best trick contest on the vert ramp. Everyone had to ride with an eye patch just like Mike Rogers (who lost his right eye in his second battle with cancer). Loosing your depth perception makes skating all the more challenging, but somehow Tony Hawk was still able to put down a McTwist. The best part was the photo of everyone rocking their eye patches with Mike in the middle showing us all what is really possible.

Now, it’s on with the summer and time for my annual pilgrimage to Camp Woodward in central PA. I’ll of course run the “Up Hill Tic-Tac Race” for the kids, and the kids need prizes. There will be three divisions, with prizes for first, second and third. As in years past, Woodward digital media will be shooting all week, and I’ll put together a GoPro clip from the race. Thanks in advance. Woodward kids looove the swag!