Episode 4: NYC MTB

Alex Price is an original. There really is no other way to describe him. A long time test pilot for bern, he is also a good friend to a lot of people in our building. If you want to know about how seriously hurt you can get while riding a DJ mountain bike, ask Alex. Broken bones, stitches, concussions, dislocations. It isn’t the years folks, it is the miles, either a snowboard, bike or skate. Al is out there charging around like he is still 19. Anyone who rides in NYC knows who Alex is, you can’t miss him. His personality shines bright. He recently signed on to help bern sales in NYC. Here he gives us a peak into the scene in Queens. Also you get to meet another young rider, Dave Holzer, the super talented manchild who has been on the forefront of urban MTB for a few years now (check him out herehttps://vimeo.com/47486675) and who is on a mission with his riding.
If you want to go jump your bike in NYC, hit Alex or Dave up when you see them. All they will ask is that you help shovel a bit and bring some beers. Thanks to the crew in Queens for letting us shoot there and hang for the day, much respect!

Episode 3: Corey

In Part 3 of the Bern Sessions we examine Corey the Courier. He is sorta like ‘The Fonz on a bike’, as Stevil once said. Only faster, in fact he is one of the fastest guys in the urban race scene. And he will let you know it. Competitive. Funny. Cocky. A solid Human. We love this guy and are super appreciative to be working with him. Here is a quick peak into his world and his thoughts on bike, NYC and our new Allston helmet.

Episode 2: Shops

In the second episode of Bern Bike Sessions, we check in with top bicycle retailers in New York. NYC is like no other place in the world, Fashion, trends, and social change all sprout here; the city is a hub globally for forward thinking and living people. It is no wonder the bike culture is exploding here. Bike is the future, It is a very exciting time to be a part of this industry. Bern has managed to position itself as the brand of merit and style in one of the most competitive markets in the world, here is a little peak into the retail landscape and what our leading partners think about our product, brand and style. A huge thank you to the shops who support Bern and took the time to be a part of this video.

Episode 1: Squid

Kevin “Squid” Bolger, has been an NYC messenger for 20 years. He has been wearing bern helmets for 9 years. A icon in the streets of NYC, he has seen the city and biking there change a ton. Squid was a pioneer helping to organize early alley cat races in NYC and pushing track bike racing with his velocity tour. Through earning his spot within urban bike culture he has used his fame and reach to help make cycling more safe and accessible to more people. He has served as a Bicycle Ambassador for Transportation Alternatives and helped to educate working cyclists on how to ride safely. To us, Squid is family and a key member of our team. He was the first cyclist that backed our product and helped us push our image throughout the world. We are proud to present a window into squids history, his life and his thoughts on cycling, helmets and NYC. For more info about Squid, check www.cyclehawk.com.