Trevor Stamo

What’s up guys,

My name is Trevor Stameisen, but friends call me Stamo because no one can pronounce my last name right. I have been skiing since I was 3, and don’t plan on EVER stopping. I started out doing big-mountain extreme skiing, but once I started working at Bear Mountain in SoCal, I started doing freestyle. I love everything about the sport. Flying over 70-foot booters, playing on jibs and living the lifestyle. I love riding for Bern because they have the sickest helmet designs, and they have saved my dome more times than I can count. I live — and grew up — in Southern California, riding Mammoth and Bear. You can’t beat Cali! I plan on spending a couple years of straight winter after I graduate from CSULB, moving from Bear to New Zealand, Colorado and Chile. If hell freezes over, I’ll be skiing there too! Thanks to Bern for all the support, in addition to my other sponsors: GoPro, GetBoards, Continuous Streetwear, BLVD Supply, IndoBoards and SWAE watches.

Never stop doing what you love!