Bernhard Hinterberger

Bernie comes to the H2o team all the way from Germany. We are stoked to have him on the program. Check out his bio below (via his personal website).

“My first experience with a wakeboard was back in 1994 at the Cablepark Kiefersfelden. The park is really close to my home, so I had to check it out and try this new wakeboarding thing that just made its way from America to Europe. Since I was snowboarding for many years, I already was super stoked to finally find my perfect summer compensation, and I got addicted right away. I couldn’t wait to try some crazy tricks and just glide over the water surface, it almost felt like flying or riding fresh powder lines. In 1995, my dad bought me my first wakeboard. I was super stoked and just wanted to ride every afternoon. Pretty quickly, I figured out how to do crazy tricks and got better and better over the summer.

“In 1997 we went to Berlin for the “unofficial” German Nationals, the first real contest in Germany. So many new faces and everything was pretty strange for me. I was only 15 — pretty much the youngest guy there — and I have never been on an event like that. After some crazy runs and a few discussions with the judges on how to execute tricks, the competition was done, and I ended up in second place! I was super stoked and totally motivated to keep riding and learn new and better tricks for the upcoming season.

“The next 16 years I spent all of my time,  my sweat and my heart-blood with wakeboarding and traveling to contests and events all over the world. It became the full time job of my dreams, with big ups like three World Championships, a World Athlete of the Year award and my own Promodel Wakeboard! But there also were devastating downs, like two broken legs, torn muscles and some super hard defeats, as well. But I got to see the world like you can’t experience it in normal holiday trips, and I meet so many new and awesome people that share the same passion and addictions. I experienced how other cultures live their lives and share their passions and dreams in different ways! This big part of my life opened my mind to see the world with different eyes, and I don’t want to miss any second of this wild time in my life.

“Now, a new chapter has opened in the book of my life, and I cant wait to go the new way and see what’s next. With all the experience, new fiends and new partners, this will be a very interesting continuing part of the story…”