New York Bicycle Messenger Foundation


The New York Bicycle Messenger Foundation was established in 2003 to support the New York City messenger community. The bicycle messenger industry is incredibly important component of any city’s economy. “Bicycle messengers deliver time sensitive packages in a fraction of the time and cost that a traditional service could provide”. However, as you can imagine, delivering goods via bike is considerably more dangerous than by truck. Bikers must navigate through hazards that include moving vehicles, pedestrians, weather and road conditions. All too often a bike messenger will be injured by one of these hazards. Unfortunately, most messenger companies do not provide health insurance to the messengers and often the messengers cannot afford to pay for their own health insurance. This is where the NYBMF comes in.


The New York Bicycle Messenger Foundation mission statement is “to provide aid and financial assistance to bicycle messengers who are injured on our city streets”. The foundation also provides education for messengers such as the Know Your Rights Manual.


There are many ways to help out and keep bicycle messengers rolling. The NYBMF accepts monetary donations, product donations and service donations. Additionally, you can support the NYBMF by purchasing items from their eBay store.




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