LE RÊVE — You are the vision

Bern, iBike and Ombre et Lumières worked together to create a video about a vision. Montreal’s Vélo iBike has a vision that connects to the Bern Bike Revolution vision.

It’s a vision of an urban environment with more bikes and less cars, more green spaces and parks than parking lots, more clean air and healthy living than pollution.

In the words of iBike Montreal:

”To have more people on bikes, it is healthy for a city and for it’s habitants, it’s the reason why we promote urban cycling. We are trying to bring the bike community together, because together we are more. Together we speak louder and we can make things change.’’

It’s simple : More bike lanes + better bike infrastructure = more security for cyclists = more cyclists = better urban environnement.

Be part of it. You are the vision. Ride your bike.

A big thanks to iBike and Ombres et Lumières for making this happen.