DARK HORSE: The Warner Nickerson Story

Warner Nickerson has been a part of the Bern brand for a few years now. We immediately felt the connection with what he has accomplished in skiing and what we have accomplished with our brand. We are both, Dark Horses. We have both overcome adversity and the naysayers. As Warner’s professional ski career comes to a close, we realized that he has accomplished so much that might go unnoticed. We thought it was only fitting to give him a proper send off, by giving you a view into his amazing journey. From his struggle to make it to the world cup level of skiing, to his injuries and his inspirational 2013/2014 season, this 2 part mini documentary will follow his path. In the end this is a story about passion, personal sacrifice and the power of positive energy. How do you define success? How will you overcome the adversity? How you will you harness positive energy? Warner has inspired an entire generation of younger skiers to dream big. His story is a tale, we can all relate to, as we all know what it feels like to be the underdog in some way in our lives. We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it.

Featuring: Warner Nickerson, Jon Olsson, Mark Godomsky, Ivica Kostelic, Pete Davis, Bode Miller, Leif K. Haugan, and Carolyn Beckedorff

Full Movie dropping this April on bernunlimited.com

DARK HORSE: The Warner Nickerson Story Teaser from Bern Unlimited on Vimeo.