introducing bern's most ventilated and lightweight helmet to date

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Thinner, tapered, and lighter with a higher strength to weight ratio than EPS helmets.

13 oz.

Patented removable confort liner system allows you to go from warm to cold weather.

More than twice as much airflow.

Bern's signature low profile fit and feel.

"Bizarrely, before developing the Allston for Summer 2013, Bern Unlimited had never made a cycling specific helmet. Having owned previous models from the Massachusetts body-protectors in the past (most recently the company's Brentwood model, which I lost at a roof party in Brooklyn), I was kind of surprised by this fact myself. But for a freshman effort in the velo-specific category, the Allston is a star."

our most ventilated design

More than twice as much airflow than Bern's other leading bike models

made for cycling

"Staying cool in the summer is key, and even the breeze of riding on a bike usually isn't enough. And that's probably because there's a giant styrofoam cap on your head keeping all of that heat in, ensuring that, when you take it off, you look like you just got out of the shower. Bern's new vented Allston bike helmet is here to help. It's got 16 vents, it's extremely light (13 oz.), it has a removable liner for adapting to all seasons, and it even has a little bill. "

the allston is available at these select bike shops

  • Bay Area Bikes
  • Downtown LA Bicycle
  • Helens Cycles
  • Jones Bicycles II
  • Lombardi Sports
  • Manifesto Bicycles
  • Market Street Cycles
  • Orange 20 Bikes
  • Tam Bikes
  • The Mob Shop
  • Trek Bikes of Ventura
  • Ciclo Urbano
  • Johnny Sprockets
  • The Bike Lane
  • Capital Bicycles Annapolis
  • Carytown Bicycle Company
  • Belmon Wheelworks
  • Superb
  • Calhoun Cycles
  • Eriks Bike Shop
  • Now Bike N Fitness
  • Penn Cycle
  • The Alt Bike and Board
  • The House
  • The Hub Bike Coop
  • Varsity Bike
  • Performance Bikes
  • Bicycle Habitat
  • Sid's Bikes - Eastside
  • 718 Cyclery
  • 9th Street Cycles
  • Bicycle Revolutions Ltd.
  • Ciel Bikes
  • Excelsior Bikes
  • Fulton Bikes
  • Landmark Bicycles
  • Metro Bicycles
  • Ride Brooklyn
  • Sid's Bikes - Westside
  • Spokesman Cycles
  • Tread Bike Shop
  • Funtastik
  • Trophy Bikes
  • Fletcher Bike Studio
  • Bingham Cyclery
  • Cole Sport
  • George's
  • Salt Lake City Bicycle
  • Silver Star Ski and Sport
  • Race Pace
  • Olympic Bikes
  • Crank Daddy's Bicycle Works
  • Machinery Row Bikes
  • Wheel and Sprocket