Dew Tour Ocean City Recap

The Bern gang is back from Ocean City, and has survived senior week 2013 in Maryland! We had a great time at Dew Tour with our partners at and met some great people that came through our booth. 

We were stoked to get the chance to hang out with some of our skate athletes down on the beach. We were posted right next to Grind for Life’s booth and had the chance to hang out with Mike Rodgers throughout the stop.

Zac Rose had a great showing narrowly missing Vert Finals and we couldn’t be more proud of our local guy from Maine! Zac stopped by and signed autographs all weekend and the fans were really excited to meet him!

And finally a huge thanks to Andy Macdonald who did some amazing skating all weekend. This guy is truly a legend in skateboarding and we are proud to have him on the team. We are stoked to see everyone again at the SF Dew Tour Stop!


The rally experience of a lifetime

For the 2013 Dew Tour Beach Championships Bern has teamed up with to give away a 2-Day Rally Experience at the Team O’Neil Racing School in Dalton, NH. This is a truly unique experience to learn from the best rally driving instructors in the nation. The 2 day program covers all the advanced driving techniques you have dreamed of mastering.

Bern Sessions New York: Part 2 “Shops”

It’s the Summer of 2013 and cycling is growing at a rapid pace worldwide. The car culture in major metropolitan areas is diminishing as the advent of a very prominent cycling culture blooms. In Part 2 of the Bern Sessions we look into the heart and soul of the cycle culture in New York; the bicycle stores. Shop owners and employees share their first hand accounts of the Bicycle becoming king of the streets of New York. Take a look into the cycle world in New York, and find out why now, more than ever you should protect your head.

Bern Sessions New York: Part 1 “Squid”

Bern Sessions New York: Part 1 “Squid” from Bern Unlimited on Vimeo.